The Capoeira Social Project is a small organization with big goals.  As such, we have certain costs that must be covered for our programs (instructors, instruments,  student uniforms, ect).  These costs are met through generous donations.  We currently have no overhead or administrative costs so all donations go toward education and our programs.

We currently have one fundraising campaign for funds to obtain a CLASSROOM with TRAINING STUDIO in Baltimore.


Perhaps you would like to help but funds are tight or you would prefer to know exactly what you are donating.  Donations of physical items are also accept.  The social project is in need of the following items:
– Everyday school supplies: pencils, notebooks, etc
– Language books: Spanish, English, Mathematics
– Computers: PC or Laptop (able to run applications such as AutoCAD,Photoshop, Rosetta Stone, etc)
– Musical Instruments (drums, percussion and horns)

Capoeira Social Project is a registered tax-deductible non-profit organization under the IRS Section 501(c)(3) guidelines.  CSP teaches capoeira in Baltimore, MD USA and Belo Horizonte, MG Brazil