Waldorf, Maryland 2016

Knowing how to make a berimbau is a great skill for any capoeirista to have.  The knowledge gained not only helps the student understand the process of constructing a berimbau from start to finish but also helps enhave the students understanding of how to fix a broken berimbau or how to properly tune the instrument.

Workshop entails the following(all work done traditionally with hand tools)
– Preparing the verga (stripping and sanding)
– Extracting arame (berimau wire)
– Preparing Cabaca (opening/cleaning/sanding of gourd)
– Finishing the verga (stain/paint/polyurethane)
– Marrying the berimbau (finding combination of gourd/verga for proper sound)

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Workshop – 2014 Belo Horizonte, MG Brasil


One of the essential elements to complete a berimbau is a caxixi.
Caxixis are also a part of many Afro-based cultures including capoeira, maculele, and candomble among others.

Workshop entails the following: (all work done traditionally with hand tools)
– Preparing the base (cutting of material/poking holes)
– Preparing the body material
– Caxixi weaving techniques
– Closing the caxixi
– Finishing the caxixi (sanding/staining)

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With Recycled Material Belo Horizonte, MG 2014