Current fundraiser to provide funds for:

1) students to participate in capoeira and language classes in Baltimore and Belo Horizonte (BRA)

2) Provide a permanent training studio in Baltimore to expand services to the community


Goal 1: Provide opportunities for underprivileged students in Baltimore and Belo Horizonte.

a) CSP is in the process of establishing permanent educational programs in Belo Horizonte. Aside from capoeira, the educational program’s focus is on reinforcing English and math skills of social project participants. The goal is to equip participants with skills to better their chances for university study or occupational placement (eg: teaching capoeira outside of Brasil).

b) In conjunction with Projecto Verbo (a Brasilian NGO focused on education in primarily low income neighborhoods), CSP is raising funds to allow for students from social projects in various cities (Rondonia – Amazonas, Savador – Bahia, Belo Horizonte-MG, and other Minas Gerais municipalities) to participate in an end of the year capoeira festival known as a Batizado. For many of the students this will be their first time visiting Belo Horizonte, where the event will take place. Even more special, this could provide an opportunity for several students to leave their home city for the first time ever.

Goal 2: Rehab an abandoned row home in East Baltimore to establish a studio and classrooms for after-school youth developement programs.

a) For eight years the Capoeira Social Project has provided their services in public buildings or in the space of contracted clients. While these have been very rewarding experiences, this lack of a permanent residence in Baltimore has made providing a desirable schedule, that would benefit the community, very difficult.

CSP is now raising funds to convert an abandoned 3 story brick-front row-home with an adjacent lot in one of East Baltimore’s distressed communities into a mixed-use facility complete with training studio and classrooms for after-school subject reinforcement.

An open floor training area would allow for multiple daily capoeira classes as well as provide opportunities for new programs such as yoga, African dance, and samba reggae.

More importantly, the space would afford the luxury of having multiple multimedia classrooms. These classrooms would facilitate after-school and summer subject reinforcement programs. Interactive subject (math, science, language) based lessons would be available, as well as SAT prep and life skills (eg: job interviews, resume building, computer training). Courses in DIY projects (eg: screen printing), gardening, and item-repurposing would also be offered.

The first floor will be used as a studio space where capoeira classes will be taught. The 2nd and 3rd floors will be converted into classrooms where tutoring, mentoring, and life skills will be taught. Classes will focus on the primary subjects, ESOL, and life skills. Technology will be integrated into these classrooms per current Maryland educational standards.

The adjacent lot will be renovated as a mixed use park. This area will provide a clean outdoor space for capoeira to take place. Urban agriculture will play a part in the vacant lot as well. Around this pad will be green space to incorporate agricultural. The studio is located in a “food desert.” This urban agricultural space will educate students on how agriculture is cultivated, and provide students an opportunity to eat fresh produce.