Mestre Ray


Mestre Ray was born in Gonzaga in the north of Minas Gerais on the 15th August 1962. He began his career in martial arts with judo and karate. After 10 years of karate, he came in contact with capoeira, introduced to him by a group of his friends who also practiced judo, karate and capoeira.

Mestre Ray began to participate in the traditional rodas of the era, like the rodas in the Praca Sete de Setembro and Praca da Liberdade. He had the opportunity to experience the game of capoeira with the great capoeiristas of the era; Mestre Dunga, Nega, Paulo Brasa, Chocolate, Paulinho Jesus Cristo, Indio, Caixa, Carneiro, Boca, Malandrinho, Coracao, Demar, Aroeira, Chica among others.

In 1985 he was invited to participate in the "Movimento Mineiro Capoeira Gerais" and was elected to represent the group in the commission of Capoeira Gerais. In 1989, Mestre Ray visited Germany for the first time on the invitation of Maria da Bahia. The same year he graduated as a contramestre of the city of Belo Horizonte. At the end of the year 1990 he returned to Brazil.

In 1996 Mestre Ray founded the group Oficina da Capoeira. And in December 2016 Grupo Oficina da Capoeira International celebrated their 20th Anniversary!!!!

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