What Makes CSP Awesome

Justin West (Graduado Siriguejo)
Teaches Capoeira, Samba de Coco, Math, Language Arts

Justin (Siriguejo) West began training capoeira in Baltimore city in 2005 with Oficina da Capoeira. His first trip to Brazil occurred in October 2006 and lasted for four months with time split between Salvador, Bahia, and Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais. It was in Salvador in the Boco do Rio neighborhood/favela that he had his first experience with a social project involving capoeira and English classes. Siriguejo returned from Brazil and was given permission by Mestre Ray to lead classes so the group could continue in Baltimore.

In 2008 Siriguejo founded Capoeira Social Project after a request for a demonstration by Baltimore City’s Mayor’s office and another to teach capoeira to African refugees by the International Refugee Committee.  Siriguejo taught capoeira for groups at the University of Maryland Baltimore County and Morgan State University (MSU).   While studying at MSU he earned his Master’s Degree in Mathematics Education in 2011.  

Shortly after, Siriguejo moved to Brazil to continue his studies of capoeira and Portuguese and subsequently received his Graduado title (blue cord).  Returning to the Baltimore area in 2014 he continued teaching capoeira to high school clubs, cultural festivals, and various schools and universities.

Since 2016 he has been between Baltimore and Belo Horizonte teaching workshops and language classes, as well as deepening his own studies in capoeira, Samba de Coco, and pedagogy.

He is currently enrolled in the O’Passo Institute‘s music pedagogy certification course as well as a graduate course in Afro-Brazilian History and Culture at Universidade Candido Mendes.

A partial list of some of the Mestres and Profesores who Siriguejo has learned with.

Matt Strobel (Instrutor Bandaid) 
Teaches Capoeira, Maculele, Body Control/Movement and Yoga

Matt (Bandaid) Strobel began capoeira in 2006 and his passion for it has only grown. He quickly took to teaching after three years of training and has been a student and teacher ever since.

He earned his Formado (blue cord) in 2013.  After diligent training and showing a knack for teaching he earned his Instrutor title (purple cord) in 2016, a year later he completed his 200 yoga teacher training. 

He has a strong passion for movement, mobility, and longevity and what that can mean not only for participants in the realm of capoeira but also in their daily life.

He has run academies in Maryland and Florida, taught workshops at universities, festivals, for other group’s events, schools, and private events.

He has participated in shows and performances along the east coast and strives to pass on his passion for capoeira every time he engages with students of any age or venue. 

Bandaid has been providing his knowledge and energy to CSP since 2015.